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Viewer's Guide

YouTube - Possible Content Warning

Please enjoy watching Made-in-Alberta – New Energy Stories and other RBCC videos on YouTube. Watch them through this web site or click onto our new YouTube channels at: 

Clicking on the YouTube icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video connects onto the YouTube web site. On YouTube, you may see more RBCC or Made-in-Alberta videos in the selection menus. You will also be able to link to videos that have similar content posted there by other YouTube users. Have fun, but be a bit cautious as these computer-generated video links can take you to some weird and wild places. Barb believes that young children should not be web-surfing unsupervised. There is no way for us to endorse or recommend the videos that come up on YouTube’s computer-generated menus, even if they are considered “related”.

Watch YouTube videos in high quality, where available.
Double click on our YouTube Video, and that will open a new window on YouTube. At the bottom right of the video playing on YouTube’s page, you will see "watch in high quality" if it is available. Click on that link, and the high-quality video will load.
If you clicked on a link that took you directly to YouTube you can choose "watch in high quality" right on YouTube.

Flash Videos on RBCC

New Flash capability on Made-in-Alberta and RBCC websites.
You can now view a flash movie fullscreen. At the bottom right hand of the movie window click on the square box (same place as with YouTube).  It will then come up full screen - press esc to go back to regular size. Bruce has been working hard to create the beautiful, large-sized Flash movies you see on some of the RBCC video pages.

They should stream without interruption on any home or office computer that is less than three years old and has a high-speed Internet connection. (Stream means play while downloading onto your computer so you don't have to wait for it to download first)  If the video starts and stops, press the little play arrow so that the two bars appear, indicating you have paused the video. Allow the lighter-coloured bar to move an inch ahead, then press play again. If you want to rewind or fast-forward through the video allow it to play all the way through once first.  For our clients, more instructions on viewing your rough cut are available here. (link to rough cut viewing page)

Software for Video Viewing

Any type of web video requires you to have a certain software program on your computer in order to play it. If you have the software on your computer already, then the videos will load and play, either instantly or with the click of the little play arrow.

If you don’t have the software on your computer, then a message will appear that directs you to a web site where you can download the correct player. Choose the free player option, pick the one for your computer type and operating system, allow it to download, then follow the install instructions. Restarting your computer after you install new software is always a good idea.

The RBCC Video Menu System

RBCC videos are organized by project, or channel as we call them. All of the RBCC channels are linked from the RBCC home page and also from the side-bar menus on all pages except the Made-in-Alberta channel.

When you get to the home page of any one of our channels, you will see a menu that will take you to the pages where you can watch our videos. Some of our videos are part of a series. In that case, clicking on the link will take you to a chapter page. You can then select the episode you want to watch.

The videos on these pages could be Flash or Quicktime movies that are hosted on RBCC, or they could be playing from another video host, such as YouTube, but embedded in the “skin” of our web site. (See YouTube warning above.)

When the videos are part of a series, there will be a link underneath them directing you to the next video in the series. You don’t have to go back to the chapter page.

Technical Assistance

If you require assistance or more information about viewing RBCC videos, don’t hesitate to email Bruce Donovan or phone him at 780-964-5567.

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