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Now Playing Mar. 3, 2010

Playing with Democracy (53 mins)
Tooker Gomberg runs for mayor of Toronto in 2000 on a sustainable development, social justice and arts platform. While the incumbent hide from the people, Tooker takes to the streets. His colourful, creative media events capture the imagination of journalists and citizens alike, challenging everyone to imagine a greener and more humanitarian city. Tooker came in second in the race, but first in many peoples’ hearts

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Ep. 1

4 min


Air Solution - 1990 Episode One (11min)
The ultimate solution to pollution is the bicycle. Tooker’s first known produced work is this photographic slide show put to music.... more (flash)

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Ep. 2

4 min


Winter Cycling in Edmonton (4:12)
 “It sometimes gets as low as -40 degrees. It doesn’t matter if it’s Fahrenheit or Celsius, that’s darn cold.” Tooker and Angela meet Edmontonians who cycle year round in this pilot program for the Greenspiration Odyssey... more (flash)

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Ep. 3

22 min


Kyoto Winds of Change
“I feel more convinced than ever that the real changes are going to have to take place at the grassroots level,” said an exasperated David Suzuki to Tooker Gomberg at the Kyoto climate summit in 1997. So Tooker and Angela cycled off to find greenspiration... more(flash)

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Ep. 4

53 min


Playing with Democracy
Tooker Gomberg ran for Mayor of Toronto in 2000 on an environmental, social justice and arts platform. His colourful, creative media events captured the imagination of journalists and citizens alike. Garnering 51,000 votes, he was runner-up in the race, but in many peoples’ hearts...  more(flash)

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