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If a picture paints a thousand words, then video paints 30,000 words per second. Watch our Production Reel (2:39 min) then scroll down to see what we can do for you.
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Are you involved in creating a more sustainable and just society with your business (large or small), government department, educational facility or non-profit organization? RBCC is here to provide professional, yet affordable, video production and web-casting services for people like you. We want to include your story in the ongoing documentation of Alberta’s transition to a sustainable and just, new energy future. We can provide you a stand-alone video production – and your video can also include a sponsorship and viewing on Made-in-Alberta – New Energy Stories.

Our packages are designed to maximize your value in production and promotional services, while minimizing costs. Please phone any time with questions. When you’re ready to take things to the next level, we provide pro bono a co-production proposal, including video “treatment” and quote.

Package 1
Investigative Series

We follow your project, investigate ten different angles, interview major players and communicate the ongoing story on video. WebTV builds excitement and understanding amongst your important audiences. Traditional TV raises awareness in general audience. Barb's 20-years experience in environmental communications - plus....more

Package 2
Build Your Own Web TV Series
$10,000 to $50,000

Is your business going green? The exciting new medium of WebTV is a great way to let people know. Do you have a number of new “green” products or services to describe to your clients? How about employees who are making the extra effort to be socially conscious? Are you greening your operations or building a large project and need to connect with... more

Package 3
Short Feature
$2500 Biz Package
This is a one to four minute video that provides an overview of a business or project, or in-depth coverage on one major player or aspect... more

Package 4
Speaker's Package

Is your lecture so good that people are asking to share it with friends? We offer a video package that starts with professional videotaping that optimizes sound quality. If we can’t shoot your slides on location, we take a copy to our studio and add them in after the fact (location dependent). We also interview you and create a 40 second video... more

Package 5
Design a Video
Documentary, Educ, Instructional Music

Would you like a five to 30 minute documentary to share a special event or festival? Do you need a training video for your staff? Do you want an educational video to showcase your research or explore a topic that you teach? Are you a musician or artist with a social or sustainability message? Call us and we will determine what genre... more

Package 6

Sometimes no one says or does it like a cartoon. We will animate a drawing you already have or design a character to represent you and your message. Appeal to children and the young at heart with... more

Package 7
Web Ads

Would you like to support the channels on RBCC WebTV while airing a message of your own? You can purchase a sponsored web link (ie. web ad) and link one of our video pages to your web site. If you don’t have a web site, we will create a page for you with your text message or artwork - and we can even embed a YouTube video. This also makes a great, eco-friendlier gift. Buy one for a friend... more

Package 8
A la Carte

Here is a list of the production and artistic services we offer. View some of our packages to see how they fit together to suit your needs and fit your budget. Got an idea? We’d love to hear it... more

Package 9
Promotional Services

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